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17th April 2010 - this site is no longer updated (except for this info) but will remain available to view.

The OzSTOC Discussion group (on Yahoogroups - see below) is certainly still operational and is the place to be to 'talk' to fellow Honda ST owners.

There is also an OzSTOC Facebook page for users of the popular social network web site.

9th July 2011 - a new OZSTOC site can be found at


Honda ST1100 The aim of OzSTOC is to provide a forum where owners (and prospective owners) of the Honda ST1100/ST1300 can find and share information about this great motorcycle.

Membership is free and, although primarily aimed towards owners living in Australia, is available to any owner worldwide.

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    The OzSTOC Discussion list is a great way of keeping in contact with other members of the club. Members discuss a wide variety of topics including tyre choice; accessories; trips etc. etc.

    Once a member, any mail sent to (using your normal email program) will be received by all subscribed members. Membership is free.

    Please note: this mailing list is operated by another organisation. If you change email address, lose your password etc. I can't help you.


    My ST1100

    #1 - 1994 model (October, 1997 to August, 2002)

    My 'old' Honda ST1100
    My 1994 Honda ST1100 at the Tooma Reservoir, Snowy Mountains, NSW.

    #2 - 2001 model (Sept, 2002 to Nov 2004)

    My 'new' Honda ST1100
    My 2001 Honda ST1100 at the 2002 Thunder Rally, Nundle, NSW.

  • Givi Top Box (large) with passenger back-rest
  • Vinyl Tank Cover (custom made)
  • Car Stereo Radio/Cassette Player with vinyl cover - velcroes to top of tank; wiring in left pocket; headphone socket; aerial on top box
  • Throttle lock
  • Sheep skin seat cover
  • Ventura Headlight Protector

  • Accessories:
  • 53 litre Nonfango Top Box
  • 12 volt outlet
  • Tyres:
  • Front: Bridgestone 020 Radial
  • Back: Bridgestone 020 Radial

  • Tyres:
  • Front: Bridgestone 020 Radial
  • Back: Bridgestone 020 Radial
  • Oil:
  • Mobil 1 5-50w synthetic
  • Oil:
  • Castrol Activ 4T 4 stroke motorcycle oil
  • Magazine Reviews

    * Honda ST1300 - Lots of tour... But, Er... Where's the Sport? (One Wheel Drive, 2003)

    * Yamaha FJR1300 vs. Honda ST1300 (Rider Report, Aug, 2002)

    * Honda ST1300 (Cycle World, Sept, 2002)

    * Road Test: Honda ST1300 (Motor Cyclist, Sept, 2002)

    * Honda ST1300 Review (Bikepoint, Sept, 2002)

    * Honda ST1300 Review (Australian Motorcycle News, Sept, 2002)

    * Honda ST1300 Review (Motorcycle Daily, June, 2002)

    * Honda ST1300/Yamaha FJR1300/Kawasaki ZZR1200 Comparision (Canadian Motorcycle Guide, June, 2002)

    * Buying a used ST1100 (Australian Motorcycle Trader, July 1999)

    Owner Reviews and Trip Reports

    * The Ulysses 2002 AGM - Bill Howard

    * New vs Old - the ST1300 vs the ST1100 - Colin Andrew

    * Bunya Mountain Ride - Barry Lane

    * NSW's North-East Corner - Barry Lane

    * The '4 Musketeers' Winter Run - Paul Holmes

    WANTED: Trip reports and bike reviews (all makes and models). Send via email (with photos if available) to


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    * Italian ST site - site owner, Bruno Barini (Italy)

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